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Dental Implant
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Root Canal Treatment

Dental health is a phenomenon that concerns the whole body!

Good dental or oral care is important for maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and tongue. Oral problems such as bad breath, dry mouth, canker sores, inflammation, and tooth decay can all be treated with proper diagnosis and care. You can find other options for root canal treatment above.

Spending the right amount of time on proper home oral care is undoubtedly crucial to help minimize the risk of caries and periodontal disease. A person who visits the dentist twice a year for oral examinations and dental prophylaxis will spend approximately two hours per year in the dental chair. It can be estimated that the time of brushing and cleaning between the teeth of the same person every day is about 30 hours per year. Given the amount of time that should be devoted to daily oral hygiene, it is important to understand the scientific evidence supporting recommendations for home oral care for patients.

Dental Health Starts Before Treatment

In addition to providing the appropriate treatment option, our dental team discusses the following with patients:

General recommendations that apply to most people;

  • Personalized recommendations aimed at meeting the needs of each patient, especially patients at high risk of caries and/or gingivitis; and
  • Lifestyle considerations to improve oral health and wellness.



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