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Meditürk Among Hair Transplantation Centers in Istanbul

Hair transplant centers in Istanbul are very attractive for both domestic and international patients. And the hair transplant market has reached a significant size. So, what are the qualities that patients should expect from these centers and how do we define healthy hair transplant services? As it is known, hair transplantation centers in Istanbul are frequently visited for patient candidates who are considering hair transplantation at home and abroad. Many reasons such as the techniques used, accommodation even for patients coming from abroad, appropriate treatment methods and strict follow-up make these centers popular. In this article, we have discussed the qualities you can expect from hair transplant centers in Istanbul!

Why Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation provides convenience in many areas. Unless there is a special reason, it provides the patient to recover both psychologically and physically due to hair loss, which increases greatly in the future. It is a type of operation that takes place in many stages with very simple operations.

Hair Transplant Centers in Istanbul and Us

Especially for the treatment stages, early diagnosis is beneficial both economically and shortening the duration of the operation. Hair transplantation applied to the recipient hair area shows 98% positive effects if the necessary instructions are followed. Especially the most common cases occur after large openings in the upper middle part of the hair or the edges. After the operation, it takes time for the hair to darken and the hair follicles to grow. Hair transplant operation is also performed by plastic surgeons.

How Are the Stages of Healthy Hair Transplant Operation?

When people come for treatment, the operation is performed if it is applied by a doctor or if they apply to hair transplant Istanbul clinics themselves. Various plans are made on the hair, and the number of grafts to be applied is determined by carrying out many studies in line with the plans. The fact that the patient is fed in a healthy way before the operation prevents him from feeling hungry during long-term surgery. Locally, the scalp is anesthetized and no pain or ache is felt. FUE Hair transplantation is carried out in Istanbul clinics in operation rooms that are especially hygienic and equipped with HEPA filters. It takes about 5 to 9 hours, depending on the frequency of the transplanted grafts. Istanbul clinics have the technological infrastructure to perform the best DHI hair transplantation practices.

What Should Be Considered After the Operation?

The operation takes place in extremely serious stages. Afterward, the patient can be discharged within 24 hours. They should not drive in any way within 48 hours. The effects of local anesthesia should disappear completely. Dusty and dirty environments should be avoided. When dust and dirt penetrate the open pores, it can create a danger of infection. Operations performed in the hair transplant center Istanbul region are extremely healthy. Hair transplantation center Istanbul clinics achieve the best success, especially with high technology. Although they live in different cities, many people prefer the hair transplant center Istanbul clinics for the operation.

If you are looking for a hair transplantation center in Istanbul, which has reached an important point in the hair transplantation market, Meditürk Clinic is at your side with its cutting-edge technology and professional team! Don’t forget to make an appointment.



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