Moustache Transplantation

In men, the mustache is an aesthetic element that changes the expression of the face. Men complain about the lack of mustache for various reasons. Wounds, scars and hormonal reasons affect the appearance of the mustache. Mustache transplantation allows the treatment of these deformations and make significant changes in the patient’s facial appearance. With the DHI technique, a painless and short-term procedure is possible. The DHI method is the best option for mustache transplantation. There is no difference between hair transplantation in terms of application. The main thing in mustache transplantation is the success of the postoperative appearance.

Mustache hairs grow close to the skin. That’s why the right angle is very important to get a natural look. For a full result, it is necessary to wait between 4 and 6 months. Mustache transplantation is a better option for those aged 20 and over. This transplant is very similar to a hair transplant. However, since it will take place in the face area, it is a much more sensitive procedure. Meticulous work is essential to avoid possible scarring or unwanted complications. The neck area is usually the best option for a donor site. However, if there is not enough donor hair in the nape area, arm or leg hair may also be suitable for mustache transplantation. Depending on the sparse mustache area, 300 to 500 hair follicles are sufficient.

Causes of Mustache Loss

Ringworm disease: The hairs on the lips fall out at regular intervals. Today, there are many treatment methods for ringworm disease.
Mustache wounds: Deep wounds in this area are likely to damage the hair follicles. Failure to treat deep wounds in a timely manner can damage the patient’s health and hair follicles in the mustache area.
Mustache habit: Some people do not notice, but there are various tics. Frequent repetition of these movements can damage the hair follicles over time.
Inflammation and Infections: Inflammation in the upper part of the lip causes shedding in the related area in the future. In addition, the high number of acne can negatively affect the hair follicles. Hair follicles can disappear without treatment.
Psoriasis: Psoriasis is another disease that damages the mustache and beard roots. In some cases, the hair follicles on the lips are seriously damaged.

After Mustache Transplantation

The patient leaves the hospital with a bandage covering the surgical site. He should change the bandage from time to time for three days. During this period, the face should not be washed. Post-transplant recovery takes about ten days. In this process, the hair follicles are crusted. This crusting starts to disappear gradually with the first wash on the 3rd day. Then, the comfort and development of the roots can be felt in the planting area.
After 15 days, the mustaches can be shortened with scissors. However, care should be taken when using scissors as the follicles may not yet be able to adhere to the skin. Shedding may occur 2-3 weeks after the operation. After 2 or 3 months, the new mustache starts to grow again and continues to grow in its normal course. Six months after the mustache is planted, the roots are completely attached to the skin. As a result, it continues to elongate in the normal cycle.

Mustache Transplantation Cost

Since there are many factors affecting the price, it is not possible to give an exact price for planting. Mustache transplant planning in consultation with your specialist will determine the exact cost of the operation. In this planning, you decide the number of hair grafts, donor areas and transplantation technique. These factors are of great importance in determining the cost of mustache transplantation. Planting hair in a healthy and comfortable way is more important than small price differences. Therefore, it is useful to seek advice from a reliable expert. On the other hand, the cost of mustache transplantation is at the same level as hair transplantation prices. However, a detailed analysis will give you solid information about the whole process. You should know that the important thing in mustache transplantation is the quality of the service.

Finding a reliable center with reliable and experienced specialists directly affects the results of the transplant operation. Contact us for detailed planning of your operation. We are happy to provide you with quality service in mustache transplantation.



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