Fast Healing Hair Transplantation

Fast Healing Hair Transplant

Effective solution for a comfortable hair transplant

Fast-healing hair transplantation is our solution that we have developed to offer a painless and fast treatment method based on the time factor, which remains the most important value in modern life.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience in hair transplantation, we have developed a fast-healing hair transplant for our patients who are considering a hair transplant but are waiting for treatment in a short time. This technique, which we can call the fastest solution in terms of hair transplantation results, is applied within the scope of advanced hair health applications thanks to the care lotion and spray solution that offers wound healing, germ-breaking and moisturizing properties. After hair transplantation, the hair gains a natural, healthy, and fuller appearance without washing.

Our patient, who had a hair transplant, comes to Meditürk Clinic only once after the fast-healing hair transplant procedure. Business people with limited time working in a busy work tempo or individuals living outside the city experience a very fast and comfortable recovery process in this way. Fast-healing hair transplantation helps the hair follicles that we plant carefully after all analyzes to adhere to the skin in a fast and healthy way, and the healing process is significantly shortened. While it may take 7-9 months for the roots to reach the desired length under average conditions, it is possible to achieve natural, lush and healthy hair in 4-5 months with the intake of sprays and tablets containing amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

Fast Healing Hair Transplant Application

In this application, moisturizing gel is applied to the hair every day; This way you don’t need to wash it. Thanks to this comfort, after the hair transplantation process, both the donor area and the area where the roots are transplanted are cared for. After the sowing process, a membrane-like layer is applied to the donor area with a special care gel before the bandage is closed. When the person who has had hair transplantation comes to the control on the 1st day, the gel is applied again, but this time the bandage is not applied. Wound-healing, germ-fighting and moisturizing, this special care gel shows its effect in just one day and begins to heal the scalp quickly. The donor area of ​​the person who had a hair transplant just 24 hours ago looks like a short haircut.

With this method, which provides rapid recovery after hair transplantation, the area where the transplantation is made is also taken care of. On the first control day, the expert hair transplant team of Meditürk Clinic applies a special care solution in the form of a spray to the area where the hair transplant is performed. Developed in Germany, this solution moisturizes the transplanted area and significantly accelerates skin tissue recovery. While the care solution provides the necessary moisture for the hair and scalp, it needs to be applied with light touches by spraying 10-15 times every 3 hours to the planting area during the day to show its effect. While the Meditürk team performs this care practice on the first day, our patients can easily learn the process and repeat it on their own in the following days.

We expect our patients to use the spray, which has moisturizing, germ-breaking and wound-healing properties, for 1 week following the hair transplant procedure, as indicated. The scalp, which is naturally crusted after transplantation, benefits greatly from the moisturizing effect of the spray solution during the healing process. The scalp, which quickly crusts and shrinks when left to itself, causes the planting angle of the carefully planted roots to deteriorate. As the crusting increases, the hair becomes more erect and creates an undesirable appearance. Here, this solution applied by Meditürk in the fast-healing hair transplantation process controls the crusting and moisturizes the scalp and roots. By nourishing the roots and removing the hair in accordance with the planting angle, it allows the scalp to shed and almost completely heal 9-10 days after planting.

With fast-healing hair transplantation, we nourish the scalp with vitamins and minerals, and we enjoy the natural, healthy growth of the hair that heals faster, in accordance with the planned angle. The application also reduces problems such as acne and itching on the skin, which becomes more sensitive after hair transplantation. Moisturizing and relaxing the skin offers quick comfort and aesthetics for the person who has a hair transplant!

Why Fast Healing Hair Transplant?

  • Since the moisturizing solution prevents rapid crusting, the exit direction of the roots planted at the right angle is preserved; The aesthetically targeted hair transplant results approach perfection. In addition, since the process of applying lotion, waiting and washing is eliminated every day, the newly planted roots are not damaged or directed to a different exit angle.
  • Washing is no longer a necessity, the person who has a hair transplant goes to the clinic only once, on the day of the transplant. It benefits from time, speed and comfort of life.
  • Thanks to this application, which is state-of-the-art technology in the field of medicine, it is possible to save time, as well as to feed the hair follicles and hold them to the tissue faster and stronger.
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