Beard Transplantation

Our beard transplantation service allows us to deliver extremely precise and lasting results that match the beard look you want to create. Our specialist has years of experience and uses rigorously tested and carefully selected methods to ensure we can guarantee a high standard of quality to all our patients. Beard transplantation with Meditürk Clinic leaves very few scars as well as creating the perfect look you want to achieve.

FUE method (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the method we prefer instead of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) in beard transplants. The main reason for this is the non-marking nature of the FUE method.

Beard Transplantation Operation

Let’s talk about what to expect when undergoing a beard transplant operation. Before anything happens, your current beard is photographed. This is done to help the operator open your channels as they need a reference point to create insertion points. The operator considers the natural appearance and angle of the existing hair while opening your beard transplant channels.

After the photoshoot is complete, our medical team will take you to the shaving room and provide you with a nice and clean shave. Often this part is followed by another photoshoot to follow your progress after the operation. Do not worry; These photos were taken for medical reasons only and will not be seen by anyone who does not have to. At Meditürk Clinic, we act in accordance with our ethical values ​​such as confidentiality. Our team may request photos approximately a few weeks after the operation, and once again a few months later to track your progress.

Beard Transplantation Costs

The first step for a beautiful beard is to contact our friendly team. Our team will be able to answer all your questions about beard transplantation at Meditürk and will help you arrange a free consultation as the next step. During your consultation, you will be able to get answers to all your questions, so we recommend that you come equipped with a mental list of everything you want to know from our medical professionals. However, the consultation will be very informative and we will make sure that all the information you need is provided to you. We will work with you to come up with a plan for the look you want to create together and provide you with a complete quote. The same fee is not recommended for everyone for beard transplant costs. Many factors such as how many grafts you will need for the cost of beard transplantation, which you will decide with our doctor, will affect the cost.

Shape Your Dream Beard

Beard transplantation gives patients fair control over the outcome. You can talk to your specialist beforehand about the shape and size of your ideal beard. It may be a good option to take photos to make sure you and your specialist are of the same mind before the procedure.

Duration of Beard Transplantation

How long the procedure will take depends on the beard the patient wants. For beards, it usually takes 2 to 4 hours for surgeons to finish. The exact length of the procedure will vary for each patient.

It is useful to be wary of places that can guarantee faster surgeries. Beard transplantation is a delicate procedure. Hair follicles are arranged and placed deep into your skin. It is not right for surgeons to rush through the procedure. It puts you at risk of infection due to poorly grafted transplants in beard transplants that happen quickly and as soon as possible.

Healing Process

The process can take up to 5 hours. Therefore, the patient should definitely take a day off for the procedure. Whether you prefer hair transplantation or beard transplantation, it is important that you are under observation and use the medications your doctor recommends, as these operations will require medical intervention. In beard transplantation, it is necessary to protect the face and skin from possible harm, as in hair transplantation.

Beard Problem, No More!

At Meditürk Clinic, with the successful operations performed by Specialist Hair Transplant, we reach a great satisfaction rate in beard transplantation as well as in hair transplantation, and we promise permanent beard transplantation. Our clinic, which performs beard transplants using the latest technologies, is with you with its professional and quality service!



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