Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul


Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

In this article, we will talk about the things that make hair transplantation in Istanbul valuable.

Istanbul is one of the most curious cities for hair transplant prices; because Turkey’s best hair transplant centers are located in this city. One of the most beautiful cities in the world and an ideal destination for tourists, Istanbul is famous for its beautiful places, delicious Turkish food and also hair transplant services. Istanbul is a more popular destination for hair transplantation. According to research, there are tens of thousands of people who come to Istanbul for a beautiful and healthy hair transplant.

We all know that Turkey is known for its medical treatments, especially focusing on hair transplantation. If you are wondering about the cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul, you can be sure that the procedure is more convenient compared to European countries.

According to research, more than 5,000 people visit the area around Istanbul annually for hair transplantation. You can see many people walking in the streets with a white bandage on their heads. If you do some research about the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey and we can say that the cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul varies between $ 1500 and $ 3000, depending on the number of hair follicles that vary between 1000-6500 hairs. Many centers in Turkey perform this hair transplant procedure in a few sessions. Some sessions can last between 6-9 hours.

When asked about tourists traveling to Turkey for a hair transplant, they say they heard great news about Turkey, especially Istanbul, and came here after seeing the results. According to Suhan Ayhan, President of the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association, Turkey is the most sought-after location for hair transplantation.

Here are some of the most popular services Meditürk offers in terms of the type of service we can expect from Turkey for hair transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplantation

It is one of the most researched hair transplant procedures in the context of hair transplant prices in Istanbul. It is safer, painless and minimally invasive compared to other procedures. When doctors use the latest medical equipment, industry-approved methods that can be used for each patient according to the desired result are valid.

This particular treatment is focused specifically on follicular units containing four hairs. They are usually taken from a donor site from the back of the head, neck, and then grafted onto an area covered with fine hair. The difference from the FUT procedure is that there is no need to completely remove the skin strips. It leaves visible incisions only in the donor area.

DHI Hair Transplant or Choi Pen Treatment

This particular procedure has been created to be completely safe and comfortable while delivering stunning and natural looking results with high intensity. The treatment is popular with both sexes. It can be used to treat various parts of the body such as mustache, eyebrows, beard or general hair repairs. This particular treatment uses the “Choi pen”, which is said to give the most effective results when it comes to quality and quantity. At Meditürk, we offer our patients the most enjoyable experience with the pen, which gives a more natural result and increases the chance of survival of the hair follicles after it is placed on the scalp.

Say “No” to scars. The healing properties of the organ will help reduce the appearance of post-transplant spot-like scars. These treatments can reduce swelling, which can cause the process to heal. The treatments we apply are special treatments that can reduce the risk of bruising by increasing the blood clotting factors in your tissues.

Whatever your hair transplant needs are, our treatments will help your hair grow and provide you with the thick, natural long hair you’ve always wanted. If you are planning a hair transplant, you should know the differences between these treatments and that a professional consultation with the treating physician is essential.

When you first meet with your doctor, your doctor will be able to evaluate your body characteristics and determine which type of transplant would be best for you based on your needs and the clarity of your hair loss. As Meditürk, we will try to create the best package for you with a team of specialist doctors, when you visit our website you will understand that we offer you a FREE consultation service! We also offer an easy and tailor-made financing solution to help you achieve the hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of!

What exactly is the DHI hair transplant method?

Direct Hair Transplantation or DHI is one of the more sophisticated hair transplant methods. In DHI hair follicles, hair follicles are taken from the donor area. The follicles are carefully removed one by one using an extremely fine extractor less than 1 millimeter in diameter. The hair is placed in the treatment area using a disposable implanter. DHI’s implanter pen provides surgeons with full control over direction, depth and angle, providing the most natural solution.

DHI hair transplantation technique is painless and performed with sensitive microsurgical instruments. The benefit of DHI is that each hair follicle is located at a certain distance and angle. Provides natural results while maintaining the highest intensity of hair color.

How much does Dhi hair transplant cost?

Donor hair has its own characteristics. The cost of DHI Treatment will be determined according to the following factors:

  • Hair loss conditions
  • Number of strands that should be used to cover areas of baldness
  • Color and texture

DHI hair transplant sessions usually take one hour. In some unusual cases, more sessions are used to achieve the desired results. A brief discussion and analysis of the patient’s hair health is necessary to understand the exact price of DHI hair transplant cost.

Different types of DHI hair transplant procedure:

The most frequently asked question by those who plan to have a hair transplant is whether they should cut their hair completely before the procedure. There are many types of hair transplant surgery.

Unshaven hair transplant or unshaven DHI hair transplant is the preferred choice for hair transplant. People love hair. It is part of our character that allows us to define ourselves. Therefore, it is not surprising that people prefer hair transplantation without shaving their heads. However, we have seen a large number of people misled by claims of head transplants without shaving their heads.

Let’s discover the answer.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

With this hair transplant method using unshaven dhi, you will never see any patch marks as the area is covered with existing hair. Choi Pen Technology is a very special method used for hair transplantation without shaving.

Anyone who opts for a hair transplant without the shaving procedure is guaranteed that no strands of hair are cut or shaved, whatever their length. This allows you to return to your regular activities the next day without any worries about changes in appearance.

Dhi hair transplant review.

Dhi hair transplant is an extremely safe procedure with minimal risk of complications. It is a procedure with a 95% chance of success. This is a simple procedure and has no side effects.

In a few weeks, you will see a long period of healthy hair.

Many patients who have gone through this procedure highly recommend it as it is easy and simple to complete.

If you have a decrease in your hairline, you can also try this procedure.

Dhi hair treatment also helps to increase the volume of your hair up to twice the thickness of the hair. Unshaven Dhi hair transplantation draws attention because it ensures the longevity of the transplanted hair.

Why choose Meditürk Clinic for Istanbul Hair Transplant Prices?

We are a pioneer in the field of FUE and DHI hair transplantation in Turkey. Meditürk uses the latest Choi Pen technology to provide the highest quality hair transplant. Choi Pen, as we said earlier, is a special technique that uses a device to place hair follicles directly on the scalp area after they are removed from the donor. This more precise technique speeds up the processing time. The procedure typically takes 6 to 8 hours, depending on the amount of grafts the patient needs. Thus, you will only need one hour to grow new hair.

Hair transplantation is becoming more popular day by day and hair transplantation prices in Istanbul are shaped according to demands. For example, it is not possible to set a fixed price for the FUE hair transplant method. Although there are many factors affecting the price of this operation, the main factors are the number of grafts transplanted, the number of sessions, the skill and experience of the doctor, the quality of the donor area used for transplantation and the area where the hair is transported, and the technologies used. In addition, follow-up sessions that will facilitate this process, provide comfort to the patient and ensure that the patient is followed up in the 3rd, 6th and 12th months are included in a healthy budget. When such considerations are carefully considered, the cost of a randomly determined planting can sometimes be higher.

How are Istanbul Hair Transplant Prices Determined?

Hair transplantation centers can determine the price of hair transplantation according to the number of grafts, as well as determine the prices of hair transplantation according to the hair transplantation sessions. Another factor in determining the hair transplant price may be the hair transplant technique we use. On average, hair transplant prices are determined by the number of grafts worldwide. In addition, the determined hair transplant fee is offered by clinics such as Meditürk with an 80-90% success guarantee.

As a result, the stages of hair transplantation and the extent to which it can be done are among the factors that determine the prices. When you find the right specialists, find the right balance in terms of budget and complete the treatment process with patience, your hair will regain its old appearance much faster. Hair can sometimes fall out of our own will. However, it usually fails when incorrect applications and post-hair transplant care are lacking.

Who Can Have a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation can be applied to male and female patients who have hair loss problems, regardless of gender. If there is no obstacle in the tests and analyzes performed before the hair transplantation, the operation can be started immediately. Oncology patients who want to have a hair transplant must first have finished their cancer treatment. Hair transplantation cannot be done at the same time while cancer treatment continues. On the other hand, care should be taken when performing hair transplantation in diabetic patients. Bleeding that may occur during the opening of channels on the skin and hair follicle removal from the donor area during the operation may be risk factors.

Hair transplantation is not applied to people who are allergic to the substances in the solution applied to the scalp during hair transplantation, or these substances are applied with care. At the same time, hair transplantation may not be applied due to the lack of donor area. If there is no healthy root that can be transplanted into the hairy area or other parts of the patient’s body, it is not possible to transplant hair in these patients. Because hair transplantation is a procedure that can only be done from one’s own body hair.

As Meditürk, we provide health information to all our patients and offer the most suitable campaigns for hair transplant prices in Istanbul. Do not hesitate to drop by our local clinic to experience the highest level of customer service! Return home safely and show off your hairstyle cheerfully. Contact us now via the WhatsApp button!

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