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The right clinic for Hair Transplant Price: Meditürk!

How is Hair Transplant Price Determined?

Hair transplant price varies depending on your specific needs for the surgery. There are several determining factors that determine the cost of hair transplant surgery, and since each hair transplant surgery differs from one patient to another, the price will also vary from person to person. A detailed explanation of these determining factors is given to each of our patients during your interview. However, let’s take a brief look at these factors.

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Number of Grafts

One of the factors that determine the cost of hair transplant surgery is the number of grafts the patient needs to achieve fuller hair. For a person who requires 2,000 grafts, the cost of hair transplant surgery will be lower compared to the price of 3000 grafts hair transplant. Therefore, surgeries that require more grafts take longer than surgeries that require fewer grafts. Therefore, more resources allocated for the larger surgical procedure also directly affect the price of the surgery. However, with larger size surgeries, the overall average cost per graft is reduced and an efficient budget is created.

The amount of graft required for surgery is determined by several factors. One of these factors is the size of the area or areas that require coverage. Considering the size of the area to be closed, the texture of the patient’s hair is also taken into account. Patients with thinner hair generally require more grafts to cover the same area than patients with thick hair. Therefore, the cost of hair transplant surgery is expected to be slightly higher in people with finer hair.

Do you Offer Convenient Hair Transplant Prices?

We are aware that hair transplantation is an investment and we use the most effective drugs and techniques to provide you with the highest quality service and results. Meditürk is a candidate to be the best hair transplant center in Turkey; because hundreds of our patients make sure that all the details are well planned and implemented thanks to the free hair analysis. We also offer payment and financing options that will make this procedure accessible to more male and female patients.

Are Hair Transplant Prices High?

Hair transplantation is a time-consuming process. Sometimes short treatments are completed with small hair transplant prices, while a challenging procedure takes at least three-quarters of a day and sometimes even longer than a day. The cost of hair transplantation is directly proportional to the equipment, method, training, and industry experience used by your specialist. In any case, although a hair transplant is an investment, it is long-lasting. Thanks to the guaranteed hair transplantation, our patients will have an unnoticeable appearance with their old hairline.

Hair Transplant Prices are Much Cheaper in Some Other Clinics. Why?

You can find doctors who offer hair transplant services at a lower price, but to understand the value of the procedure, it is essential to have knowledge of many subjects, from analysis to medical applications. Many low-cost hair transplant clinics can use old methods and create results that don’t look as natural as FUE hair transplant. Clinics or centers that transplant with these old methods may experience problems such as scarring, longer recovery times, and worse outcomes. Inexperienced professionals may also lack the ability to avoid complications or troubleshoot potential problems in-house. When investing in your appearance, take care to progress with a qualified health institution.

Hair Transplant Cost and Hair Transplant Results

Many potential hair transplant patients turn to hair transplant clinics that offer “Special” offers or advertise “Lowest Hair Transplant Prices”. While we all love many things, it is important to remember that this is surgery. The quality of the surgery should always come before the price. In fact, choosing price over quality will cost you more in the long run. It should be looked at not only financially but also emotionally and it should be evaluated whether the relevant center is comfortable with you. In these cases, most patients want to see great results as well as cost. Here, while choosing Meditürk, you can examine the photos before and after hair transplantation and you can even meet with our former patients among those who consented!









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