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If you look for hair transplant Istanbul, Mediturk Clinic is the most convenient address with its stellar fue and dhi hair transplant services at affordable prices!

First, why search for hair transplant istanbul?

Obviously for the money. But not exclusively. In Turkey, hair transplant services are between three and five times cheaper and there are about 300 clinics that are dedicated to hair transplants. For 3000 euros (all inclusive), decent hair clinics can provide you with quality hair transplants and you can buy a comb in six months.

But your decision to travel to Istanbul for Mediturk does not have to be exclusively economic. We provide fue and dhi hair transplant services with the best techniques and professional qualifications while following on the patient with a keen approach in the postoperative period.

You are, surely, facing the greatest of your problems when searching for hair transplant Istanbul because it is very difficult to differentiate real opinions from those that are not on the Internet. Many forum messages smell like marketing.

Will my future hair look completely normal?

Natural, yes. We always make frontal lines as appropriate as possible, taking into account the conditions of the hair type and some other general circumstances in order to establish a good treatment plan. All the follicles are transplanted studying the angulation, inclination, direction and distribution of the capillary nature of the person. All this makes the result very natural.

What risks do I have?

Once we have studied your case and seen that you are suitable to undergo this procedure, there should not be any serious risk. The type of wound that occurs is very superficial, micro invasive, and is usually done with the same local anesthesia that dentists use. After the operation it is very unlikely to see patients with symptoms such as itching, burning, scaling or swelling of the head. In any case, this is not considered a complication but something within the norm and that will disappear after a few days.

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We check academic journals like those from US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

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