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Free Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is an examination provided by free at our clinic before the hair transplantation as provides a clear idea about which method to choose such as the FUE hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation. Thanks to accurate hair analysis, the hair transplant specialist checks the necessary information for the operation based on criteria such as hair texture, hair color, follicle quality, hair density, hair loss areas, hair pores, and skin texture. In addition, if the patient has a medical history, all sensitive issues are taken into account. In the light of this information, your specialist will give you comprehensive information about the health of your hair and whether you are suitable for hair transplantation. If you are not suitable, it provides reinforcement with follow-up methods.

Hair analysis before hair transplantation plays an essential role in the quality of hair transplantation and is one of the leading issues that make Mediturk the reason for preference. While it offers free hair analysis, which is of great importance for increasing the effectiveness of the planned treatment and methods, it is supported by reports in the hospital environment and leads to the most ideal treatment planning. For example, if a patient has a dermatological condition that reduces the quality of hair transplantation, such condition is primarily treated with medical interventions before hair transplantation treatment.

Mediturk Clinic invites you to its location in Pendik to provide information about hair transplantation and free hair analysis. You can call us directly at our phone number or create an appointment request via the WhatsApp button.

Free Hair Analysis in a Hospital Environment

With our close to 15 years of experience, a detailed diagnosis for a permanent solution to hair loss can determine the possible cause of your hair loss. Although the common forms of hair loss are male pattern baldness, the analysis process, supported by laboratory work when necessary, allows to identify the true root cause that will determine the appropriate treatment option for each patient.

Hair loss is an intractable issue, especially if you don’t know the cause or the right solution. Hair product companies promise that their products will help you have thicker and healthier hair. Advertisements show before and after photo shoots, while billboards make promises of low-cost grafts for hair restoration. We invite you for a free consultation for guaranteed hair transplantation!

Your Images Reviewed via WhatsApp before Hair Analysis

We invite you to Mediturk Clinic for a real analysis after the WhatsApp hair analysis. In order for us to fully examine the relevant areas, the pictures must be taken clearly from the front, back, left and right. Thus, we make evaluations according to your hair density, hair thickness, age and genetic status. Do not forget that the most accurate hair analysis is done by our experts in our center. Finally, the blood values, specific health conditions and hair thicknesses of the patients are added to the analysis result and the procedure is performed. According to the result, treatments such as hair transplantation, hair treatments and hair mesotherapy are recommended by our experts. Contact Mediturk Klinik now for pictures via WhatsApp. For more detailed information, call us by clicking the phone button!



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