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DHI hair transplantation prices are one of the most curious subjects for DHI (direct hair transplantation), one of the newest techniques in hair transplantation. This technique, which has been developed recently, enables many effective operations today and brings success thanks to its natural appearance. You can find all the details you wonder about DHI hair transplantation, which has differences compared to other techniques, on our DHI hair transplantation service page. Contact now to get free hair analysis at Meditürk, which stands out among the best hair transplant centers!

DHI hair transplantation technique is a treatment process that allows the hair in the missing area to have a more dense and more natural appearance without damaging the existing hair. It is a seamless and uninterrupted application. DHI hair transplantation technique is also known as unshaven hair transplantation. Healing time is shorter, bleeding is almost negligible. In this method, unlike grooving techniques, the grafts are placed in a specially developed planting pen (Choi Implanter Pen) and there is no pre-sowing grooving stage.

If you are facing hair problems such as hair loss or baldness, meet the DHI hair transplant technique, which is one of the hair transplant operations. Although DHI hair transplantation prices vary on a patient basis, it should be noted that criteria such as 3000 graft hair transplantation and 5000 graft hair transplantation are used. Foreigners closely follow hair transplant centers such as Meditürk Clinic for the best DHI hair transplant prices, as these levels of service are offered in Turkey in local currency for this operation, which is performed outside our country for 10 thousand dollars or more.

Are DHI Hair Transplant Prices Affordable For Everyone?

DHI hair transplantation prices can be slightly higher when compared to FUT or FUE hair transplantation and can be applied to almost all patients seeking hair loss treatment.

In the early stages of the Choi pen technique in its early development, it could only be used on a specific hair type, thick, straight hair types. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and people of all hair types can enjoy natural-looking results. How did we get to the current stage of universal DHI use?

The DHI method was developed by experts at Kyungpook National University in Korea. The Choi implanter pen is often considered the ‘original’ implanter pen device. Experts in the field began research to best understand this new technique and see if it could benefit all patients equally and universally. However, based on the results of their study, they concluded that not all people are ideal candidates for using the Choi implanter pen during hair transplant surgery.

In the first transplants using Choi pens, Asian patients with hair loss were found to have better results compared to other ethnicities, largely due to the texture and thickness of their hair. The needles used in these studies ranged in size from 0.8 to 0.9 mm.

Without the proper diameter and flatness, the follicles could experience a twisting effect or cause improper graft placement and excessive trauma to the follicles. Therefore, it has been reported that not all patients are ideal candidates for the use of the Choi implanter pen during hair transplant surgery. With scientific and technical advances, hair restoration procedures have improved over the last decade and have now reached a point where it is possible to transplant hair for patients with any hair feature using the Choi Implanter pen and a reasonable number of grafts. The practicality of this process, which requires mastery, is also effective on DHI hair transplant prices.

Therefore, almost all patients can choose the DHI hair transplant method and experience consistent, effective, predictable, safe and natural-looking results.



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