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What is the Best Hair Transplant Center?

Potential hair transplant candidates should look for the best hair transplant center for appearance, health and cost dimensions. If you have reached Mediturk for the best hair transplant center, you are in the right place! As of today, statistics show that Turkey is one of the leading countries for hair transplantation. This success is a natural result of the continuous technical improvements and many years of experience of Turkish doctors, who continue to demonstrate a new level of expertise in this field. Add to this the very affordable costs incurred by Turkish clinics that take patients from all over the world there for huge financial savings.

While all these are developing well, the number of hair transplantation centers in Turkey is increasing rapidly, and sometimes the names that are not competent in this field can attract attention, sometimes due to misconception and sometimes cost.

So Many Hair Transplant Centers. Which One to Choose?

According to statistics, there are around 300 hair transplant clinics in Istanbul alone. While this sounds good considering the real competition, it makes it difficult for patients to find the right center from the crowd. In this article, we would like to share a few tips that you can examine while researching the best hair transplant center for you.

First of all, when you research the price range in the market, we recommend that you stay away from centers that perform extremely cheap hair transplantation on the grounds that there is a campaign. Because hair transplant operations represent a process that requires medical intervention and is appropriate to be performed in a hygienic environment. In this process, we often emphasize the importance of working with a qualified and professional team.

Best Hair Transplantation Center = Research

If you are confused about where the best hair transplant center is, it would be better to focus on the ethical values ​​of the clinic, its experience, expertise and the quality of the consultation you will carry out with your specialist before the price research. Although you have had a hair transplant operation at very reasonable prices, you may experience hair loss again after the procedure, after this procedure is not done by qualified and professional hands. In order not to increase your risk of infection after hair transplantation, it should clarify what you should pay attention to after the procedure and provide appropriate follow-up. For this reason, besides the nature of the operation, you need a specialist who can easily understand your expectations about hair transplantation and act in cooperation with you during the consultation with your doctor.

Attention to the Number of Operations Performed per Day!

Another element is to pay attention to the number of surgeries performed per day in order to provide maximum care to patients. This factor is valuable information about where the best hair transplant center is. Because the number of operations performed in a day not only shows the financial concerns of the clinic, but also gives information about the care time allocated to the patients.

How Much Technical Knowledge Does the Expert Have?

Since each hair type, thickness and scalp will be different, different techniques may be required in hair transplantation. Every person’s scalp and hair type is different. Then, the clinic you apply to should come up with many possible options and be equipped instead of using a single technique. Another important factor here is the experience of the specialist. You may want to look at the before and after photos of the hair transplant surgeries that he has performed before. Thus, you can have information about the possible outcome of the surgery waiting for you and the effectiveness of the technique used by the specialist.

At Meditürk, which is a center with happy patients, we keep in touch with you not only during the operation but also after the operation to control the progress. The techniques used are of a quality that will not allow possible problem areas, but still, the mood of our patients after the operation and their questions about hair transplantation are important to us. You can also follow this from the news content in the press.

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