Rhinoplasty, the technical word for nose surgery, is a complex aesthetic procedure due to its excellent surgical techniques and one of the highest levels of the art profession of the plastic surgeon. Although rhinoplasty is a delicate operation, it is the most preferred facial aesthetic surgery in Turkey, as plastic surgeons aim to provide predictable results that will last the patient’s lifetime.

What is Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the nasal skeleton. This operation causes the underlying structures to change, thereby improving the shape and function of the nose. Some patients undergo rhinoplasty to restore the balance between their nose and the rest of their facial features, while others get a clean and calm breath. Since therapeutic occupational surgery requires a combination of medical procedure and high-quality care, rhinoplasty approaches at Meditürk are planned by the surgeon according to the needs and expectations of the patient.

Nose Surgery Approaches

The techniques used are performed by the surgeon to heal or replace certain anatomical parts of the nose. Since all noses are unique, the operation should be individualized for each patient. These surgical operations are performed with two different approaches as open (external) or closed (endonasal) according to the appearance and application range.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

In open rhinoplasty surgery, the incision is made in the area considered as the middle pole of the nose. From this incision, the skin of the nose and then the cartilage tissue is removed. Necessary procedures are performed according to nasal functions or nasal structure disorders; The cartilage tissue and skin are placed back on the middle pole of the nose again. Then the incision is closed and the operation is completed. Open rhinoplasty is the preferred surgical method as it provides a clear view of all structures and the best result during the operation.

Closed Rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty, various incisions are made according to the operation to be performed on the nose, but the incisions are made through the nostril. In this case, it is not obvious from the outside. Swelling that develops after the surgery resolves faster in closed rhinoplasty surgery.

When the two techniques are compared, in open rhinoplasty the surgeon has more control over the inside of the nose and can therefore make a clearer reshape, but the healing process will be slightly longer. A minor scar is likely to remain, albeit mild. The experience of the surgeon is very important in closed rhinoplasty. In this technique, the healing process is both more comfortable and shorter for the patient. In addition, since it is made from the nostrils, it does not leave any traces.

“The nose is located in the middle of the face and is the first prominent structure on the face. The ratio of the nose to other structures on the face significantly affects its aesthetic appearance.”

For this reason, rhinoplasty, that is, rhinoplasty has become one of the most frequently used aesthetic surgical procedures. During the same operation, cartilage or, if any, bone curvatures can be corrected, thus ensuring that the patient has a healthy and aesthetic nose.

The ratio of the nose to other structures on the face significantly affects its aesthetic appearance. If you are bothered by one or more of the following problems related to the shape of your nose, you may consider rhinoplasty.

  • Arched nose
  • Curved Nose
  • Nose Tip Sagging
  • Long Nose Tip
  • Wide and Wide Nose Tip
  • Narrow Nose
  • Flattened Nose Tip

Nose aesthetics, which is the most common operation in aesthetic surgery, is an operation to correct the appearance of the nose that upsets the person. During this procedure, the curvature, bone and cartilage that prevents the patient from breathing is also corrected.

A Beautiful, Natural, Healthy Nose Aesthetics

It is expected that the nose will look symmetrical, proportional, in harmony with the rest of the face and look natural. A beautiful and attractive nose should be proportional. A nose that is proportional to our face is important for facial aesthetics.
The aim of rhinoplasty is to ensure that the patient has a symmetrical, natural-looking nose that functions in a healthy way. A beautiful nose will reveal other features of the face. Meditürk offers natural and high-quality rhinoplasty service with its operations for both respiratory and aesthetic purposes. Make an appointment now!



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