Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic procedures are one of the most frequently used touches in recent years. The face is a part of the body that attracts attention at first glance. Therefore, an aesthetic, young, fresh and beautiful-looking face is important for everyone. Both men and women can request cosmetic facial treatments. In order to meet this demand and to give the face a more beautiful and youthful appearance, as Meditürk Clinic, we perform aesthetic facial procedures inspired by advanced technologies. A natural look of the face is just as important as a flawless look.

Cheek and Chin Aesthetics

Cheek and chin aesthetics are applied to people whose facial features are fuller and more aesthetic. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used for these procedures. A lifting effect is created with filler injection. With this process, cheeks, cheekbones and facial features become more prominent and the face looks more proportional.

In facial anatomy, the nose, chin and cheekbones are in harmony with each other. The cheekbone area may appear hollow for reasons such as aging and weight gain. This can make you look tired and old. Today, it can be corrected with tissue injections or fat injections and it is possible to achieve the desired facial proportions. In this way, you can get a younger and more beautiful appearance. The surgery leaves no scars and takes about 1 hour.

What is Aesthetic Chin Surgery? (Mentoplasty)

Aesthetic jaw surgery is an operation that significantly and positively affects the appearance of the face, in which the problems on the face are correctly evaluated and the right solutions are used.

Balanced lines are important for perfect facial features. For a beautiful and aesthetic appearance, the facial proportions must be compatible. In this way, the golden ratio on the face, that is, symmetry, is achieved.

At Mediturk Clinic, we believe that aesthetic problems should be evaluated in order to get the best results in our patients while ensuring harmony in the face because eliminating aesthetic problems in the chin supports the appearance of the mouth, lips, and nose. You talk to our specialist about the points that you are uncomfortable with and do not look good with the analysis performed before, and you take a step to perform an appropriate action.

Eyelid Surgery

With aging, the skin around the eyes begins to lose its elasticity, which causes changes in the eyelids. Sagging of the upper eyelids and under-eye puffiness can make you look older and tired. Sometimes these sags can even block your vision. Excess skin around the eyelid and signs of aging can be removed by eyelid surgery, resulting in a calmer and younger appearance.

Eyebrow and Forehead Lift

Forehead and eyebrow lift operation gives your face a younger and fresher look over your eyes. In this process, drooping eyebrows and forehead skin are lifted, and lines and wrinkles that make you look angry, tired or sad are minimized.

In the forehead/eyebrow lift operation, the muscles and tissues that cause wrinkles or sagging are removed or replaced. In this way, the forehead skin becomes smooth, the eyebrows rise and the wrinkles between the eyebrows are minimized. Forehead/eyebrow lift operation is performed by endoscopic method or by making an incision hidden behind the hairline as in the classical method. Both of these techniques yield similar results: smoother forehead skin and a more vibrant appearance.

Medium Face Lift

The cheekbone area of ​​a young face and the area where the lower eyelid is connected to the cheek are full and round. The first signs of facial aging are the downward displacement of the cheek fat tissue. Due to the long distance of the lower eyelid to the cheek, the full and oval face has a longer or thinner appearance.

Prominent Ear Surgery-Otoplasty

The fact that the ears are not in the correct position with respect to the head and face may cause an aesthetically unpleasant appearance. Otoplasty, which is a very easy and non-marking aesthetic operation, can easily solve the prominent ear problem in today’s medicine.

Otoplasty is a method of removing the defects in the outer ear structure seen in children and adults with aesthetic surgery.

Nano-oil Inoculation

Nanooil injection is a very successful method to replace the lost facial volume caused by aging. It can be applied under the eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin and other areas of the face. Moreover, it provides a very natural and rejuvenated appearance.

What is Nanofat Grafting?

Nanofat Grafting, also called “Nano Fat Injection”, is a special fat transfer method in which the fat taken from a region rich in adipose tissue by microinjection technique is made suitable for application to the relevant region.

Adipose tissue and components derived from the process are rich in stem cells. It also has components that provide wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Nano fat grafting, which is applied to correct the facial contour that decreases or disappears with aging, or to reshape the area, also helps rejuvenate the skin. This is because the injected nano oil is rich in stem cells.


A thin face with prominent lines means part of the ideal look for most people. Sometimes, even if the person’s face and cheek structure is at the ideal weight, it can cause the person to look overweight. With bichectomy, it is possible to reshape the face by removing excess fat tissue in the cheek area without leaving a visible scar. Bichectomy refers to the removal of excess fat from the cheeks to enlarge the cheekbones and make the facial features more proportional.

In order to give the face a more attractive and proportional appearance, fat is removed from the mouth and the plump and plump face appearance that causes the patient’s discomfort is removed. Also called Hollywood cheek because it is preferred by Hollywood stars, this process reveals the cheekbones and makes the face look thinner, providing a slim and youthful appearance.

Mediturk is here for you!

Our face consists of 4 parts: upper face, middle face, lower face, and neck. The harmony of these parts and an aesthetic appearance are important for people to regain their self-confidence. A young and beautiful appearance makes people feel both healthier and more attractive. Thanks to facial aesthetics, you can achieve symmetrical facial features. Meditürk Clinic, which set out to offer hair transplantation, aesthetic and dentistry services with the most competent names, is ready to offer you the change you want. Don’t forget to make an appointment!



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