Yeliz Damar

“Since my childhood, I wanted to work in human health. I feel the excitement since my first day in my profession and putting a smile on the faces of thousands of people is very meaningful to me. With the support our esteemed patients, our international brand journey begins after Anatolia Hair Transplant.“

Yeliz Damar
Yeliz Damar Hair Transplant

Yeliz Damar, brings natural and healthy hair to thousands of patients as a hair transplant specialist, while taking multidisciplinary health services to a global level under the Meditürk brand.

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Yeliz Damar was born in Istanbul in 1988 as the daughter of an immigrant family. She has taken up health as her main area of interest since childhood. She has focused on hair transplantation by moving in this direction and constantly improving herself in the field. She has gained experience in prominent private sector institutions.

Yeliz Damar, who undertook hair transplant operations for thousands of patients healthy with her first venture Anatolia Hair Transplant, is known as one of the leading experts in the field. She received the Best Hair Transplantation Specialist of the year award in 2017-2018.

Yeliz Damar started her international service adventure with Mediturk Clinic as part of her to provide quality healthcare services outside Turkey.

Education and Business Life

After completing her education at Sakarya University’s Department of Health, Yeliz Damar gained her first professional experience at Nightingale Hospital. Then, she supported reputable institutions such as Acıbadem Hospital in areas such as Fue hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation. She has been a part of over 10,000 operations since she stepped into the hair transplant profession in 2007. She shared the competencies and skills she gained in her field with the industry in many publications.

Yeliz Damar and Anatolia Hair Transplant

After gaining enough experience in the private sector, she established Anatolia Hair Transplant in 2012 to provide services under her own brand. As this brand gained a respectable place in its field in a short time with its activities in Antalya and Istanbul, Yeliz Damar embarked on a new journey with Meditürk Clinic to make hair transplantation services more visible for overseas customers and to offer medical services with a multidisciplinary team.

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Yeliz Damar and our International Brand: Meditürk Clinic

Yeliz Damar received the most successful businesswoman award in the industry in 2017, published her articles on hair transplantation and hair transplantation techniques in Posta Newspaper, and participated as an expert guest in health programs on channels such as Star TV and TV 8.

Health Guide

Be sure to review our Health Guide section, which has been curated by Yeliz Damar. Here you will have access to topics such as:

Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul

Ms. Damar and her team apply the latest technologies in the sector for hair transplantation services sharing their know-how as a respected professional. Yeliz Damar an award for being the most successful hair expert in 2017. She pursues to offer the best hair transplant operations with the most up-to-date techniques and methods, and at the most convenient prices.

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Working Hours

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Get to know

  • Experience
  • The most successful hair transplantation expert award in the field in 2017.
  • Foundation of Anatolia Seç Sowing and operation with thousands of patients.
  • Work experience as a hair transplant specialist at Florence Nightingale Hospital.
  • Work experience as a hair transplant specialist at Acıbadem Hospital.


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