Opt. Dr. Murat Koçyiğit

“Since my childhood, I wanted to work in a field related to human health. The excitement I have felt since the first day I was able to do this in an area that puts a smile on the faces of thousands of people is very meaningful to me. With the support of you, our esteemed patients, our journey to a new international brand begins after Anatolia Hair October.“

Op. Dr. Murat Koçyiğit

Education and Business Life

Born in Eskişehir in 1979, Op. Dr. Murat Koçyiğit started his high school education in Istanbul at Mehmet Akif Ersoy High School and graduated from Şanlı Urfa High School. Afterwards, he studied at Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. He completed his studies in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat at Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine. After working at Kanunî Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital between 2013-2019, he started to work as a Rhinoplasty Specialist. His widespread work made him quickly recognized in the field.

Kiss. Dr. Murat Koçyiğit speaks English, Spanish and French.

Time is more important in medicine and aesthetics than anything else. In difficult or rare situations, it is easier to decide what and how to do with experience. Dr. As a meticulous surgeon, Murat Koçyiğit applies a realistic treatment plan to achieve the best results. You will reach all the applications that lead to the best aesthetic results in accordance with Meditürk’s holistic understanding of quality with our physician. everything that needs to be done is done in the right place and time as much as possible.


Kiss. Dr. Examples of some of the more than 15 articles Murat Koçyiğit has written or contributed to in international journals:

The Effects of Experimental Intratympanic Steroid Administration on Organ of Corti Type 1 Spiral Ganglion. Topcuoglu T, Kocyigit M, Bulut E, Ortekin SG, Kanter M, Yagiz R. Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2018 Apr;22(2):171-176. doi: 10.1055/s-0037-1604067. Epub 2017 Jul 14.
Effect of Topical Dexamethasone for Preventing Experimentally Induced Myringosclerosis. Üstündağ M, Koçyiğit M, Bulut E, Altaner Ş, Taş A, Yağız R. Turk Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2017 Mar;55(1):3-9. doi: 10.5152/tao.2017.2077. Epub 2017 Mar 1.
Evaluation of choroidal thickness in children with adenoid hypertrophy. Cakabay T, Üstün Bezgin S, Bayramoglu SE, Sayin N, Kocyigit M. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2018 Feb;275(2):439-442. doi: 10.1007/s00405-017-4846-7. Epub 2018 Jan 8.
Late-term Effects of Surgery on Nasal Functions in Patients who Underwent Total Laryngectomy Surgery. Karaoglu D, Kocyigit M, Ortekin SG, Adali MK. Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2017 Jul;21(3):270-275. doi: 10.1055/s-0036-1597972. Epub 2017 Jan 4.

Kiss. Dr. Examples of some of the more than 15 articles Murat Koçyiğit has written or contributed to in national journals:

Ganglioneuroma in the Neck: A Case Report. M KOÇYIGIT, S YASLIKAYA, SG ORTEKIN
Turkey Clinics J Int Med Sci 4, 115
Results and Experience of Superficial Parotidectomy in Our Clinic: Three Year Analysis
Murat Koçyiğit, Safiye Giran Örtekin.İKSST Journal 9(3):107-113, 2017 Clinical Research
Retrospective Analysis of Patients Diagnosed with Otitis Clinically in Our Clinic. Murat Koçyiğit, Safiye Giran Örtekin.İKSST Journal 9(3):114-120, 2017 doi:10.5222/iksst.2017.114

Retrospective Clinical Evaluation of Patients Undergoing Ear Ventilation Tube Insertion in Our Clinic: A Single Center Experience. Murat Koçyiğit, Safiye Giran Örtekin.İKSST Derg 9(2):62-66, 2017 doi:10.5222/iksst.2017.062


Working Hours

09:00 – 20:00
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0532 155 01 76


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